Small and medium-sized businesses in the context of rural development

Plysenko Halyna


  • Halyna Plysenko


One of the important tasks performed by small businesses is to contribute to rural development, so farmers, especially small family farms, entrepreneurs and rural residents, must implement new strategies based on the interconnection and organization of various spheres of rural life. Agriculture is responsible for food security both domestically and abroad, which is why this study is relevant. Small business plays a key role in ensuring food security, income and livelihoods of the rural population in Ukraine, and also affects the food security and nutrition of the urban population. Small business in rural areas is an effective economic regulator that creates a high level of competition and prevents uncontrolled price increases in the market, has great economic potential, fills the market with a variety of products, and increases employment in rural areas. In a market environment, small business is one of the main tools for the development of the national economy.