Actualization of foreign support for the Ukraine’s accelerated recovery in the conditions of rapid and shocking global challenges

Ilyash Olha, Rubino Alessandro, Khaustova Viktoriia


  • Alessandro Rubino


The Global Risks Report for 2023, published by the World Economic Forum (WEF), highlights numerous risks faced by the world in the beginning of the year. These risks include inflation, a crisis in the cost of living, trade wars, capital outflows from markets, and large-scale social conflicts, as well as geopolitical and energy-related catastrophes. These risks are further compounded by more recent threats in the global arena, particularly those presented by Russia's ongoing war in Ukraine. The main challenges include the alarming levels of debt, low global investment, and extremely poor economic growth rates, as well as the regression in human development and the unregulated use of civilian dual-use goods. Additionally, there is a growing concern over environmental risks in the context of climate change and the missed opportunities to transition to a 1.5°C world. It appears that the upcoming ten years will see a convergence of geopolitical and economic patterns that will result in substantial social and environmental turmoil. This turmoil will manifest itself in various forms, such as the degradation of ecosystems, the cost of living crisis, societal polarization and outbursts of social unrest